Recruitment assistance


Learn how to recruit or use the right tools, that is the question anyone hiring should ask themselves before embarking on the job.

Recruitment techniques

What a subject that of recruiting techniques. The start of recruitment involves defining the job description which will determine the candidate’s profile on the one hand and the means and channels to source him on the other hand. Post on job sites, social networks, solicit a headhunter, reactivate its pool of candidates or encourage co-optation The goal in the formalization of the sheet is not to describe “Superman” (because it does not exist), but to identify the missions, tasks, responsibilities and specificities and to define the prerequisites of knowledge, know-how. , essential skills to accomplish and succeed in the mission.

Note that “cutting off the sheep’s superfluous legs” can be a difficult exercise as well as an interesting one. Once the offer has been disseminated, it is necessary to collect applications, analyze each CV and cover letter, sort, re-sort and short-list the best profiles spotted “on paper” to invite them to interviews. Other applicants should also be informed that their application has been abandoned in the recruitment process. Interviews must be organized and structured to allow evaluations to be compared with the proposed position but also with other candidates.

Finally, make the choice, the one that matches the maximum number of input parameters and organize its integration with the signing of an employment contract and taking up duties. Identify the KPIs that will make it possible to validate the full integration of the candidate beyond a defined period to finally count him among the staff of the teams. What a sequence of tasks!

Jobs and jobs related to recruitment

And it is precisely because the sequence of tasks is rich and sometimes complex that it is important to entrust these activities to people specifically trained and prepared for it. Developing a good address book useful for sourcing, mastering the uses of social networks to effectively disseminate your employer brand requires laying down some rules and principles of use. Understanding the techniques of aptitude, personality and graphology tests represents a real increase in competence and requires motivation to take an interest in human characteristics.

Not improvised by a recruiter who wants to and yet, more than 76% of the people in charge of recruiting within their company admit never having had the training to do this job.

Casting errors

However, it is clear that the process must be structured in order to be able to show objectivity in its analyzes, otherwise, decisions will be guided by the intuitive and … days we will have good intuitions and other times, less or not at all.

Knowing that casting errors are expensive, in direct but also indirect costs. Going back to square one in recruiting demotivates the team, the manager, the recruiter, in other words everyone. It is therefore important to try to put the odds in your favor for recruiting to be a successful activity.

The recruitment process

It is with this objective that develops its software suite dedicated to recruitment (Applicant Tracking System – ATS) every day. The software package is responsible for supporting the recruiter in all the daunting administrative tasks such as sending letters according to automated workflows on the one hand, but also and above all in the study and analysis of collected CVs.

Gone are the days of reading unstructured documents which take a considerable amount of time and which sometimes leads to giving more chances to the first documents received rather than the last ones received because of reading and analysis fatigue. The assistant, designed according to an artificial intelligence architecture, will be able to classify each response while providing the same analytical neutrality. We are not talking about simple keyword matching but really about the ability to weight all the parameters that make up the CV.

In addition, the tool learns on each run which qualities hold the recruiter’s attention and over time directs its adjustments to the mutual learning of the community of recruiters who use the platform.

Being assisted for avoid making mistakes

This translates into allowing recruiters of all stripes to benefit from the help of an assistant recruiter who capitalizes on their experiences, progresses in understanding the criteria for selecting candidates in order to make them available to its users. has initiated a permanent showroom within the ITSKills platform dedicated to recruiting profiles from the IT world. For a few weeks, it has been open to candidates who can create their account and enrich their CV (“Empreinte” in ).

The ITSkills platform will now open its doors to recruiters in a few days. The economic model of access is based on subscriptions. However, these are aimed at regular or “volume” recruiters. Access will remain free for occasional recruiters such as TPE, PME-PMI, ETI. The recruiters of these organizations are very rarely trained in the recruitment process and profession (see above) and they thus have an assistant to help them recruit well. The loop is thus closed.

Written by the team