Casting errors


According to a study conducted by You-trust, 68% of hires are successful, which means that 32% are considered unsuccessful, or 1 in 3 hires! Each recruiter is therefore exposed to this risk, regardless of their experience.

The impact of unsuccessful recruitment

Failed recruitment is a waste of time and productivity, to which the financial burdens of breach of contract can be added. Failed recruitment to corporate management functions can lead to strong impacts on the performance of the company and in the worst case, to bankruptcy and termination of activity.

All organizations are concerned

Large, medium, small organizations are affected by the casting error. In more than 75% of cases, the hires made are by people not trained in recruitment techniques. Using an outside firm has an impact on the budget and does not guarantee elimination of the risk of casting errors.

What are the main causes

There’s no point looking for superman! He does not exist. By inflating the qualities and skills expected in the advertisements, you will only lead to an overbidding of candidates who, faced with significant gaps clearly identified between the expected by the company and their own course, will argue by embellishing their career .

In addition, by developing the qualities and responsibilities of the proposed position, you distort the reality of what will be the daily life of the candidate. This can quickly lead to frustrations and therefore managerial tensions.

How to reduce the risk of casting errors?

Transparency must be the key word. Identify the strictly necessary skills (Hard Skills), the strictly useful human qualities (Soft Skills) and submit a clearly defined job description.

During interviews, establish an exchange based on transparency by clearly posing the difficulties of the position, the operational context, the issues, the risks. Almost always carry out reference checks. And above all, formalize a hiring support process because recruitment does not stop when the contract is signed.

Enlist the services of the assistant

To help with the entire recruiting process, ATS will take over a number of administrative and analytical tasks. In addition to the formalization of a job description, the ATS will perform a matching of the most suitable candidates by weighting Hard Skills, Soft Skills, experience, education, languages, mobility. The short list thus proposed allows a significant saving of time on the sorting of the CVs.

Unsuccessful applicants are automatically informed of the status of their application. In short, the automation of administrative processes allows recruiters to focus on the task over which they must be in control: the hiring decision. is an ATS based on artificial intelligence (Reinforcement Machine Learning). The product is currently in Beta version limited to recruiting IT profiles. Its use is completely free.