How to conduct a videoconference interview?


In the recruitment process, the interview phase can be done remotely. The health crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic has above all led the employer to favor this practice. Thus, to succeed in your interview, good preparation is essential. Also remember to take care of your attitude during the intervention. This type of interview has a few advantages.

To prepare well for your videoconference interview

Above all, find out about the company, the desired position, as well as the specificities of the jury. Thus, you will effectively present your experience and your motivation in relation to the expectations of the profession and the company. In addition, it will be possible to anticipate the questions asked and prepare appropriate answers. You must provide a stable connection and quality hardware. So consider battery, mic and video performance. You must remain audible during the interview.

To avoid the view of your face in close-up, hire an expert for camera framing. Moreover, preliminary tests are recommended. You will store your room well in order to favor a neutral background. Do not let furniture and your small tools appear. In addition, to ensure good visibility, conduct your interview remotely in a bright setting. You must move away from all kinds of noises (children’s cries, telephone calls, etc.). Otherwise, your discussions will be disrupted. In the same way, you close all unnecessary programs. They may launch an unwanted video or notifications on the screen during the debate. Don’t forget to create your Skype for Business account. You closely keep the documents related to your work (CV, company and position data, etc.). Preferably, prioritize another screen separate from the camera. You will display these important folders there. This facilitates your use of references. In this way, the transfer of your supporting documents to the recruiter is also easier.

The art of behaving better during your videoconference interview

Do not neglect the presentation side. Wearing the correct attire is required both in conventional and online interviews. Avoid getting too close to the webcam. Instead, your gaze should be on the camera. You will avoid large gestures so as not to harm your posture. You will equip yourself with a notebook and a pen for taking notes. Indeed, the use of the keyboard causes an echo.

This may confuse your jury. Videoconferencing can expose you to technical constraints. You have to know how to adapt to it. For example, to catch up with lags in the video, try slowing down your bitrate. In addition, you will keep the style of expression that is appropriate. Respect for the language adapted to the world of work will be noted. You will make sure to maintain a pleasant exchange with the jury. This will help them to distinguish your application from others.

The benefits of video conferencing

On the side of the candidates, this method allows them to extend their talents. Indeed, they must first learn to use the software dedicated to the operation. And the acquisition of this digital know-how contributes to the success of the interview. You just need to prepare well from home (morally, physically and technically). For the recruiter, videoconferencing prevents the loss of time caused by comings and goings. It then facilitates the management of appointments set for applicants.

Moreover, compared to the interview in the room, the employer will be able to receive more candidates online. It is up to him to take good care of his office or his work corner at home. The main thing is to optimize the use of the device. The quality of contact with the auditor will thus be maintained. Despite the distance, the timely assessment of a candidate received by videoconference is possible. Moreover, the interview session can be recorded. The recruiter can therefore review it if necessary. He can even share the video with the candidate’s permission.