Dear ITSkillers, Thank you!

The platform was launched on January 05, 2021 and you are already 753 freelancers to have created your “Empreinte”. And every day “news ITSkillers” arrive!

Thank you for being here!

Coming from all walks of the IT profession, you are indifferently system administrators, developers, graphic designers, designate, dba, security specialist, MOE or AMOA project managers, illustrators, ergonomists, ERP integrators (SAP but not only …), or interim manager …. A nice skewer!

Thanks for your help!

Thanks to your contacts and our discussions, the tool is evolving every day … Our team is totally at your service to collect your comments, wishes, ideas, suggestions and you will not run out of ideas…

Thank you from our developers

Our backlog is already rich in functional developments and many surprises are waiting for you! Our development team has been working for many, many months and years!

Thank you from our AI

IT wishes to take care of you and writes to you regularly to give you advice on improving the data relating to your “Empreinte”, in order to be able to effectively match you with Recruiter “enquêtes” and you respond favorably to her complaints. PS: IT will be baptized soon, but we’ll talk about it again.

What’s up Doc?

The next milestones are: the opening of the platform to advertisers (Week8) and the arrival of job proposals to be filled, free of charge, without having to do anything. In any case, the AI ​​will ask you as soon as an Investigation matches your “Empreinte”. A charge for you to say if it interests you or not according to your personal appreciation of the proposed assignment. The stronger the power of Matching (matching your “Empreinte” with the “Enquête”), the more likely you are to be on Shortlist. In this scenario, the principal will invite you for an interview and if you demonstrate your ability to be the right person for the job, Bingo! You contract directly, without intermediation fees, or commissions to be paid to anyone, and you establish your invoice directly to the principal for the amount agreed with him during the negotiation.

The next milestone (~ Week12) is the opening of Premium access for freelancers. The Premium subscription provides tools and services to freelancers, to help you manage the operations of your profession, such as invoicing its services in one click, benefiting from the best prices on your purchases thanks to framework agreements negotiated by jobSkills. center, and many other advantages. Of course, we will give you more details when the services open and evolve. Premium access will be available for 30$ / month, or1 $ per day. Psssst! There’s a good plan to get even cheaper, if not free, access! Refer your friends, colleagues, acquaintances from your ITSkills account and earn months of free Premium access. There is even the possibility of having access to all services free of charge for life. Yes Yes ! More information Important note: Having your AI-sponsored Empreinte on Recruiter Enquête and finding assignments is and will remain free. The Premium subscription gives optional access to additional services.

We are Different thanks to you!

Some seek to compare ITSkills with other existing job boards when the DNA of the project is “Recruiting differently”. The R&D team laid differentiating foundations from the outset and brainstormed every Monday on the improvements and changes requested, desired, dreamed of. The project’s backlog is giddy, as the ideas are motivating and innovative and the perspectives are rich and multiple. We therefore thank all the actors who participate in this project directly or indirectly such as the internal team, our partners, our sponsors, but above all you, current and future users who encourage us by your presence.