Facilitate job interviews

That’s it, the interviews are planned and confirmed by the candidates. The goal at the end of these meetings is, ideally, to be able to decide between these candidates and to make the best choice for the company. In line with the process of structuring your recruitment processes discussed in a previous article, it is necessary to rely on an interview support which will make it possible to understand for each candidate all the elements useful for a good analysis. 


An evaluation matrix

Because it is important to provide a factual and fair analysis of the advantages and deviations of each candidate from the expected recruitment, it is desirable to structure the interview in phases and subjects. Attention will be paid to the topics covered consistent with the timing of the interview.

Support for recruiters

Using this interview path also helps the recruiter regain control in cases where talkative candidates stray from the topics. This happens more often than you might think, and it is important not to lose the role of meeting leader during discussions.

All the more so when you have little or no experience in facilitating meetings or recruiting, it can be useful to stick to a guide who will provide a little structure to the discussions.

Standardize recruiter analyzes

This matrix must allow a comparison of applications in order to make reasoned, impartial choices, far from the emotionality that a candidate can cause. Especially if there are several auditors present to ensure consolidation of perceptions and opinions. Chronologically, it is desirable for the candidate to introduce himself first so that the meeting can be cut short as soon as possible if the profile, experience or relationship is not suitable.

Thus, jobSkills.center recommends an initial interview lasting ½ hour.

  • The candidate’s presentation will last 15 minutes,
  • Presentation of the company and the expected mission 5 minutes,
  • A conversation around the mission and the profile’s ability to respond to it 10 minutes
  • The explanation of the rest of the recruitment process lasts 5 minutes.


The jobSkills.center assistant

The jobSkills.center recruitment assistance software solution is designed and designed to provide operational assistance to recruiters, particularly in the interview phase. It structures the selection process and supports the recruiter in his decisions thanks to algorithms for analyzing and classifying applications. Never again alone with jobSkills.center!

Written by jobSkills.center team