How to justify to the recruiter your long period without work?

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You haven’t worked for at least six months. In the meantime, you are informed about a job offer. You decide to resume and submit your application. At the interview, the employer will probably ask you the origin of your “hole in the CV”. You will provide him with honest answers to justify yourself. To help you cope with long-term unemployment, tips are available to you.

How to justify to the recruiter your long period without work?

Your demanding activities at a constant pace. Always leave the house early and come back late. This may sometimes deprive you of your homework. Thus, you make the decision to devote time to the education of your young children, for example. Now you can get your work back because they are big enough. Clearly announce this situation to the recruiter. Show him your active return to effectively serve his business. He will understand you. You have decided to suspend your work to travel abroad. This leave allowed you to expand your talents. Indeed, you thought in direct contact with natives. Your knowledge of the language has evolved.

This discovery of new horizons led to new career plans. Discuss the benefits of your break during the interview. The employer will recognize the strengths of your profile in relation to the position to be filled. You have also endured unemployment for a long time. After a long job search with no response, a recruiter has followed up on your application. You struggle to explain your case. It is obvious that your unemployment is due to the dismissal or your abandonment. Either way, be sincere. Avoid blaming your former employer. Instead, put forward technical arguments that imposed your entry into unemployment. You then prove to the recruiter your willingness to invest your talents again for the benefit of society. Your “hole in the CV” may depend on your personal problems.

The treatment of an illness, the assistance of a loved one… in fact applies a great deal of autonomy. You must confess the truth to the recruiter. But it is not necessary to specify details of your personal life. The main thing is to show your zeal for the proposed work. Confirm to the employer that your career break has not prevented you from training. He will trust you more.

Tips for better coping with your long-term unemployment

This period is often linked to a drop in morale, motivation, self-confidence… Many young people suffer from it, especially in these times of Covid-19 where the health and economic crisis continues. Nevertheless, it is possible to optimize a period of long-term unemployment. Stay active and organize your day well. You will not change your wake-up, meal or bedtime times. Create a personal project to learn new things (write, learn a language, take online courses, etc.). In the morning, you start looking for a job. And your afternoon will be devoted to your project.

Your openness to others is essential. To relieve your mind, share your worries with your loved ones. You are not the only one experiencing the situation. Data from the OECD in 2019 show that 38.8% of unemployed people in France had been unemployed for more than a year. You will take stock of your skills. Do you have the skills required by the desired position? Or, are your talents suitable for this job? In some cases, moving to another profession can be an effective solution. Always maintain self-confidence despite the prolonged search for work.

You will always take more care of your talents and you must not give up. Always consult the published job offers. And if necessary, have recruitment experts guide you. Indeed, a coach will be able to ensure and accelerate positive returns to your research. By its boost, you will be able to put together a CV that better highlights your experiences and skills. The coach will also give you the keys to success in a job interview. To avoid your mental fatigue, you must give yourself break times. Instead of focusing too much on the problems, treat yourself to sports and leisure sessions. You will be more productive with a relaxed mind.