How to optimize your CV against a matching algorithm ?

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Sometimes the recruiter receives many applications for a single job offer. It must use a matching algorithm to activate the process. So optimize your CV to better appeal to this tool. This concept provides advantages. A tip is offered to online applicants to improve their CV.

How to optimize your CV against a matching algorithm?

First, you need to rest your special skills well. Look for relevant keywords that relate to the desired position. They must appear in the box reserved for your professional experience. Various documents, research on the internet will be your reliable sources of information. You will find many job descriptions aligned with your dream job. For example, you are applying for a finance manager position in a company. Prefer certain expressions. Borrow “yield increase”, “financial reports”, “budget management”… You will specify them in your professional skills. In addition, one must best defend one’s talents in life. The keywords you have identified should also support your general skills. For example, you will use “adaptiveness”, “time management”, “professionalism”. These expressions will mainly be used to paint your performances. You will write: “By my skill in time management, I managed to plan a colloquium in a short time. And out of professionalism, I achieved this feat with the help of a limited budget. » You are better off pairing an action verb or strong verb with a keyword. You should avoid writing: “ I have achieved the objectives assigned to me for the current year. Instead, you’ll note: “ I crossed the set goals. Results were up 25% from last year. »

The interests provided by a matching app Recruiters always aim to identify the right candidates.

They have to sift through a large number of records to sort through credible profiles. This operation requires valuable time. The discovery of matching algorithms in recent years has solved the problems. These algorithms are equipped with artificial intelligence. They manage to assess recruitment candidates in seconds. Employers rejoice. They seem freer to carry out their follow-up. They will be able to better supervise the employees in exercise. The matching algorithm is programmed to intelligently read the CVs of candidates. He is able to project their future performance. The company provides solid clues that relate to the position to be landed. Candidates take assessment tests together. The app performs the scoring. It is based on these previously well-defined criteria. The recruiter collects the balance sheets. It compares these obtained results or matching scores. Matching the profile to the required status allows each score to be measured. As a result, this process will reduce the risk of hiring fake profiles. And for the candidates themselves, the matching algorithm proves to be more beneficial. It keeps them away from ill-founded exclusions from some recruiters.

A tip to better create your online profiles

You can show your profiles on professional networks (LinkedIn, Xing…). Do not leave the “ Summary ” section empty. Besides, you will fill all the available space. You will trace your successes and your professional skills. Thus you will prove your true worth. Always arm yourself with suitable keywords. You will include them in clear and brief sentences. So favor the “ Skills & support ” section. The matching algorithm does not identify unusual professional titles. So in your online CV, use standard terms to title your position. Be sure to properly present your resume. You will always choose the format of use. Otherwise, the algorithm will not be able to detect the contents. And you will fail at the pre-selection stage.