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Our ITSkills platform allows recruiters to find the best candidates and freelancers to find the assignments that best suit their skills. Thanks to our AI, recruitment becomes fast, efficient and free.

For better recruitment

Our tool integrates a specialized artificial intelligence which assimilates and responds to the specific issues of each recruiter. Find the best consultants to meet your needs. in just a few clicks.


Thanks to ITSkills, a recruitment platform specializing in the IT world, freelancers no longer need to search for postings. Our ATS incorporates an AI system that links them directly when an assignment corresponds to them.

Digital Services Companies

ITSkills allows Digital services companies to quickly find assignments for their inter-contract employees and to be able to find consultants suited to their projects. 

End clients

Our ATS is designed to save time and to recruit in a meaningful way. With the assistance of our AI system, recruiters no longer waste time finding the best candidate for their requirements.


Semantic web

 Our platform will soon be open to the semantic web.

Candidate assessment

ITSkills incorporates a candidate assessment system that allows precise monitoring of each candidate.
ATS recrutement compétences

ITskills repository provides you with a constantly evolving portfolio of IT skills, allowing recruiters to precisely express their requirements

Digital services companies and end clients

ITSkills is a platform open to Digital services companies and end clients, allowing a variety of assignments for freelancers.
ATS recrutement basse de données graph technologie

Graph-oriented NoSQL database

Our new generation database brings a more efficient approach to data modeling and processing. 

ats-recrutement- IA

Matching by an AI system

We integrate an AI system which considerably speeds up and assists the recruitment process.



A Freelancer for several years, I always wanted to find a good intermediary capable of looking for me the best missions, right in my skills, but without practicing exorbitant commissions.
I finally found!!
The IA system of ITSKILLS works for me for free


I loved walking around the ITSKILLS skills repository.
It gave me the opportunity to highlight skills that I will never have positioned on my “empreinte” before.
And now I can sleep soundly, it is ITSKILLS who will alert me if a mission matches my skills and know-how.
No more digging through the ad lists to find a mission.

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