ITSkills: new innovative IT recruitment platform has developed ITSkills, a new recruitment platform specializing in the IT field. The platform provides a recruitment tool incorporating artificial intelligence, facilitating the recruitment process.

IT freelance ats recrutement

An ATS (Application Tracking System) directly integrating artificial intelligence.

The ATS, available on ITSkills, brings benefits to both recruiters and candidates. It optimizes the recruitment process by precisely analyzing the needs of each recruiter. It also makes it easier for candidates to find assignments and jobs. Integrated AI includes an automatic sorting of CVs (called “Empreinte”) by relevance, saving considerable time and efficiency during the selection of successful candidates. As for the candidates, the AI ​​assimilates the profiles of each one as well as the missions or jobs sought. They will only be offered positions that match their skills and search criteria.

ATS recrutement

A recruitment tool for the IT sector

As part of a recruitment platform in the IT world, this tool is now available to freelancers. It will be possible to carry out commission-free recruitments for both parties. Indeed, ITSkills will offer additional features that will be chargeable but wishes to maintain free accessibility to its main functionality.

An atypical positioning without commissions

Through its dissimilarities and thanks to its integrated artificial intelligence, ITSkills has real potential, which can attract freelancers, job seekers and recruiters. With its free recruitment, the paid features that are in development could still bring a renewal to the market. The growth of this platform should be followed closely, because it could well seduce the market by allowing an optimization of the recruitment process, beneficial to both recruiters and candidates.

AI to facilitate recruitment

When arriving on ITSkills, after registering, freelancers can now create their “Imprint”, corresponding to their CV. Applicants then simply have to wait to be notified for assignments that may be of interest to them. The platform specifies that all of the “Empreinte” data is taken into account by the AI ​​to propose missions according to the profile and criteria of each. In addition, the “Empreinte”, relating to the CVs of the candidates, are anonymous until the interview. This helps to avoid any possible discrimination and to guarantee respect for equal opportunities.

A platform soon available to recruiters

Recruiters will soon be invited to register and recruit for free on ITSkills. The platform will offer the assistance of its AI and its matching, allowing recruiters to have an automatic first sorting of the fingerprints of the candidates. A mutualized system for the evaluation and monitoring of services will also be integrated. Digital service companies (ESNs) will also be able to register and, in addition to recruiting, find customers and place their employees on inter-contracts.

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