: Recruitment differently

Recruitment activities have reached a certain maturity and the processes are becoming more professional. (, software publisher of an application solution specializing in recruitment processes (ATS), aims to assist recruiters in their activity, collection and analysis of applications until the follow-up of the integration of the candidate. The ATS targets all organizations with significant recruitment activity and offers a multilingual solution in Saas mode.

Multifunctional assistance

Using the tool, the recruiter describes the profile sought and writes up his Survey ( job description) using the integrated assistant.
Potential candidates create their Empreinte (CV on the platform, again guided in the presentation of their skills thanks to personalized suggestions from HardSkills and SoftSkills

The basics of an AI at the service of the recruiter

The Matching engine, designed on the principles of AI (Artificial Intelligence), studies and weighs each Empreinte on the basis, to date, of 17 analysis points, equally integrating skills, personality, experience , education levels, location, expected remuneration, etc. No more sorting CVs, the AI ​​ takes care of it.

Thus, in the event that an Enquête matches with a Empreinte, the candidate concerned is automatically notified. No need for candidates to search long hours for positions or assignments. In addition, of course, only Surveys which have a strong match are offered. It is up to each candidate to validate his motivation to apply. It should be noted that the R&D pole invests in the design and development of the model to advance the matching engine towards increasingly numerous and increasingly precise analysis criteria. Thus, with the volume of use of the platform, the engine will learn over time to work with each recruiter individually and will provide them with personalized assistance in reviewing each application.

After analyzing the applications, the Matching engine suggests a Short List of Empreinte to the recruiter. The latter validates and schedules the interviews. The selection committee takes note of the cover letters associated with each application file and the reference checks carried out by as a trusted third party. Finally at the end of the interviews, the selection committee discovers the summary of the assessments and validates or invalidates the recruitment.

The basics of AI at the service of the candidate

Applicants are informed of the outcome of their applications. Again, with the volume of use, each candidate will receive from the AI ​​ a summary of their applications and personalized advice to improve their ability to find assignments.

Recrutement de talents

A permanent showroom applied to IT recruitment

The experience is now being implemented on a first platform dedicated to recruitment in the IT sector: ITSkills. ( Initially limited to registrations of freelance consultants, it is envisaged in a second part to open registrations to candidates looking for an employee contract.
To date, the ITSkills Freelance user community is growing a little more each week. The teams are currently mobilized to welcome them and tune the environment through this “UX” step.
Thus, in a while several thousand skills will be analyzed by the AI Matching engine.

Free for recruiters and candidates

Freelance use is completely free.
The price (TJM) offered by the Freelancer will be the one that he invoices directly to his client, without intermediation. Tomorrow, it will be the same for job seekers of course.
On the recruiter side, the use of the platform is also free, subject to a reduced number and frequency of Surveys.
Organizations with a one-off Freelance recruitment need thus benefit from a free tool. For larger volumes of Investigations, subscription formulas are possible.
A few weeks from now will also appear an optional subscription offer reserved for Freelancers.
Thanks to this privileged access, management tools for their activity, analyzes of their activities, and many other advantages will be reserved for them.
The price for this option will be 30 dollar per month, or 1 dollar per day.

Innovate in recruitment

Despite having reached a certain maturity, the recruitment processes are no less complex and casting errors are costly to the company.
The Leit-Motiv is to provide recruiters with operational assistance in their activity so that they only have the final decision on the outcome of an application.
Today 25% of recruiters think that AI is a major issue, the challenge is to demonstrate to the remaining 75% that it is indeed essential.