Recruitment differently is an ATS (applicant tracking system) offering an innovative solution that meets the needs for efficiency and optimization of the recruitment process for companies.

Thanks to, the management of your recruitment is centralized on a single platform.

Our tool incorporates specialized artificial intelligence (AI) that assimilates and responds to the specific issues of each recruiter. Thus, you are assisted in your recruitment, in particular thanks to the relevant sorting of applications.

ATS recrutement

Our news

Launch of the ITSkills platform opens an online recruitment platform specializing in the IT world.
A better solution for both recruiters and candidates thanks to the assistance of our artificial intelligence.

Partnership with Neo4j uses Neo4j, a graph-oriented NoSQL database. This new technology makes it possible to model and process data much more efficiently.
The graph model allows the execution of complex queries with a high level of performance.

Launch of the semantic web aims to open its data to the semantic web from 2022. This project will bring a collaborative logic to enriching the business repositories of its recruitment application.

Our strengths

Matching is performed by a AI system

We integrate an AI system which assists you by considerably speeding up the recruitment process.
ATS recrutement web sémantique

Semantic web

Our platform will soon be open to the semantic web.

ATS recrutement tri CV

Automatic sorting of the “Empreinte”

Applications are sorted automatically according to their relevance. Waste no more time finding the best candidate.
ATS recrutement evaluation CV


Our ATS incorporates a candidate skills assessment tool, allowing precise monitoring.
ATS recrutement CV Anonyme


 Thanks to the anonymity of the applications until the interview, complies with the law on equal opportunities.
ATS recrutement workflow processus

Recruitment workflow

Automate procedures with your candidates and exchanges between employees.
ATS recrutement compétences

Portfolio of Skills provides you with a constantly evolving skills portfolio, allowing recruiters to express their requirements precisely.

ATS recrutement basse de données graph technologie

Graph-oriented NoSQL database

Our new generation database brings a more efficient approach to data modeling and processing.

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