Launch on ITSkills platform

ITSkills ATS recrutement freelance IT launches ITSkills, an innovative recruitment platform in the IT world. Registration is now open to freelancers, allowing them to find assignments quickly and for free with the assistance of our ATS.

We aim to improve the recruitment process for companies and make it easier for candidates to find assignments and jobs. To do this, we offer a pioneering platform offering the services of artificial intelligence, able to analyze the needs of each party and respond to them as quickly as possible.

With ITSkills, applicants no longer need to search for ads. All they need to do is create an account and fill their imprint in minutes. Our platform integrates an artificial intelligence that performs a matching process and approaches candidates directly with push notifications when assignments match their profile and criteria. All they have to do is validate their interest in order to be able to directly contact the recruiter.

No intermediation fees are applied during recruitments: neither for the candidate nor for the recruiter.

Our team wanted to take all necessary precautions to prevent any form of discrimination. Thus, we guarantee compliance with the law on equal opportunities (Law No. 2006-396 of March 31, 2006) thanks to the anonymity of applications until the interview. All applicants can only be judged and selected on objective criteria.

In addition, the platform will soon be open to end customers and digital service companies (ESNs) allowing a variety of missions offered for consultants.

Each company will have the possibility of creating a global account bringing together the different players in their recruitment process. All you have to do is invite your partners and assign them a role: each role is assigned different rights. The platform is intended to be collaborative and enables recruitment procedures to be centralized.

It will be possible to recruit for free, while benefiting from the support of ATS Our artificial intelligence automates, for example, the sorting of fingerprints (CVs) according to the criteria defined by the recruiter. Our tool then offers significant time and efficiency savings during the recruitment process.

ITSkills also includes a candidate assessment tool. These can be assessed during the various stages of recruitment and the assignment, allowing precise monitoring. As the CV database is shared, it provides access to the different skills and assessments of each candidate. The platform is equipped with a comparative tool that allows you to compare the fingerprints of candidates with each other, or directly with your survey, always with the aim of facilitating the work of recruiters.

Thanks to its various innovations and its very simple use, ITSkills improves the quality and speed of the recruitment process by automating many tasks. It offers everyone, recruiter and candidate, a relevant solution according to the needs expressed.