Recruitment of two ex aequo candidates


You are in the final phase of the recruitment process. For the same position, two almost identical profiles disturb your choice. However, after the interview, you have to decide. prepare additional selection criteria, or even a second job interview. The use of recruitment firms can be considered.

On what strengths should you base your choice between two tied candidates?

Technically, the first candidate seems as gifted as the second. You are testing their human competence to differ them. How will everyone live as a team within the company? For the smooth running of your company, this criterion is essential. You will study the experiences of each in the field of teamwork. Which of them shone better to reach a common but? Their experiences could enrich your own teaching. A fairly motivated salary plus. You choose the candidate with the highest degree of motivation. To identify it, test the attitude of each applicant vis-à-vis difficult contexts. The best candidate will stand out. He will experience more willingness to invest to overcome the risks. He is seen by his rich taste for new challenges. He will be able to deal with business-related problems more quickly. You can also seek the advice of your colleagues. Invite the two lice candidates to a small meeting. It will be held at your establishment. You will introduce them to their future colleagues. At the end of the assembly, your collaborators allow you to evaluate their future collaborators. It’s up to you to decide.


Schedule a second job interview

To better understand the two candidates, this process is essential. It will be a group interview. Applicants will contribute to a debate. You will play the role of facilitator of the discussion. You will choose the theme to be addressed. It must allow candidates to demonstrate their own qualities. This second interview will provide you with richer information. Each applicant will express his style of work, his team spirit, his ability to analyze… You will know how each one acts to solve problems. Which convinced you with their effort to innovate their profession? Their personality will be reflected through their ideas. Also, as the debate evolves, you will find out the demands of these candidates. One may differ from the other in terms of working hours, remuneration, etc. You will choose the one that best suits your business situation.

The interest of using the services of recruitment intermediaries

These professionals have two objectives. On the one hand, they try to satisfy the recruiter in relation to his needs. From the start of the recruitment process, the company can rely on these technicians. They record the expectations of the company and of the position to be filled. Using suitable tools, they optimize the selection of candidates. In the end, they offer the company the best talent(s). In the presence of two similar profiles for a single position, the recruitment firm (or intermediary) supports the company. Discovering the rare pearl is not always easy. He strives to find the employee who best matches the position offered. On the other hand, the intermediaries accompany the candidates.

They reassure those who are worried about any form of discrimination. They also help candidates develop technically. Young people looking for work will then be able to perfect their professional skills. From writing the CV and cover letter to the job interview, the firm prepares them. They will manage to convince the employer more easily. For some intermediaries, support continues even after the candidate has been recruited. Their goal is to help it develop in all areas. Thus, he will really have all the qualities required for the position in question.