Sort CVs by being impartial? Is it possible?

Recrutement IT freelance mission

Post a job or assignment advertisement. Receive responses accompanied by CVs from candidates. So far so good. Read each CV and locate important information regarding the advertisement. It’s starting to get tedious.

Shortlist the most relevant CVs to schedule interviews.We are more and more in an intuitive approach. the CV sorter

The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) allows you to reference your ads ( enquête). For each advertisement, the assistant associates the candidates and automatically provides their ranking according to their relevance. The assistant helps the recruiter to define the short list as quickly as possible. for novice or overbooked recruiters

Having an assistant in charge of analyzing and sorting CVs meets the need of overbooked experienced recruiters. Indeed, reading CVs and filing them is a time consuming task. For new recruiters, analyzing all the parameters of a CV and weighing the results can seem tricky. Here too, the support provided by makes perfect sense. to join the services of an assistant

From a large company or a VSE, beginner or experienced, the recruiter benefits, thanks to, from an assistant who provides additional analysis and saves time. In addition, the assistant’s analysis engine evolves every day on the basis of the findings made. The more the platform is used, the more relevant the analysis engine becomes, learning from the habits of the recruiter and the community using the platform. Multi-criteria matching

The assistant analyzes all the data for each CV (empreinte) and compares them with the expectations expressed in the advertisement (enquête). We are therefore far from simple keyword matching. Hard skills, soft skills, experience, education, expected compensation, etc., everything is screened to pre-select the most relevant fingerprints for the survey. The showroom in Beta version

Currently, a Beta version of the application is available. It is limited to recruiting IT professionals., software specialized in recruitment (ATS), provides a turnkey virtual assistant to recruiters, HRDs, managers in charge of finding the rare pearl (s). Access to the ITSkills platform is free.