Find clients when you are a freelance


Between providing services, managing administration, maintaining and increasing skills, there is ultimately little time to devote to finding clients.

Find customers

Find clients? Simple, you just need to create a page presenting your skills to be inundated with leads and thus choose the best opportunities at the best price. And the groundhog she met the chocolate in the aluminum foil! The commercial job is a real profession, requires unfailing optimism and boundless energy, and time, a lot of time. These are all elements that a maximum of people who are in freelance status do not have.

The special status of the freelance

In addition, the status of freelance requires to be multi-tasking in nature. You have to provide your services, train and maintain your skills, monitor your working time and bill for your services and when there is time, look for the customer afterwards. Not to mention it is still preferable to keep the time capacity for weekends and holidays. Otherwise, burnout is not far away!

Regulate your income

The alchemy is to linearize your income as much as possible to avoid the ups and downs of inter-contract periods. It is necessary to take into account the selling prices practiced on the market with equal competence and to set a realistic turnover objective. Just determining the consistent daily rate for an activity would deserve an article so many parameters come into play. But once the management parameters are in place, you have to go hunting for customers.

Operate the levers

Rather than wanting to develop a portfolio of end customers, it is often more judicious to want to offer its subcontracting skills to companies that will place us with their customers. Some freelancers in the market call these companies intermediaries, when the real terminology should be the term client. Indeed, in this organizational model, the so-called intermediary company has an end customer with whom it wishes to involve the freelance subcontractor on its behalf. The intermediary company is therefore a client for the freelance since the contractual relations and the invoices are established between these two parties. Professional ethics require that the relations between the parties be respected and that the freelancer does not seek to bypass his client.

These rules being laid down, it suffices, in order to minimize one’s direct commercial activity, for lack of time, to seek to work with subcontracting companies. In this diagram, they are the ones who will put their commercial capacity into action to find opportunities and by multiplying contacts with these structures increased the chances of being solicited for subcontracting interventions.

It is quite clear that in this relationship, the subcontracting price is lower than the price of the end customer market since the company which subcontracts needs to place a markup for the management and piloting of the freelance service.

Free business contribution on ITSkills

On ITSkills, the permanent showroom of ATS, IT freelancers find clients for free: on the one hand, companies looking for subcontracting but also end customers with whom they can thus improve their sales prices and therefore their gross margin.

Unlike other platforms, on ITSkills: no commissions charged on business. invoices drawn up directly by the freelancer to his client according to the price agreed between them. The client pays the freelance directly. Zero (0) brokerage fees or commissions charged by ITSkills.

The platform is also free for clients looking for skills occasionally. They can thus benefit from free recruitment assistance from ATS to carry out their recruitments. Only large companies recruiting “in volume” need to take out a paid subscription. Join the ITSkills community too and grow your customer portfolio for free and effortlessly.

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