Wanted Superman !


Job or assignment advertisements sometimes contain gems such as asking candidates to have more years of experience than the product concerned has a lifespan. In general, don’t recruiters set the bar a little high?

The 8-legged sheep

Bring together in a single profile in a recruitment advertisement all the skills acquired over many years within the team or the company? You might as well look for Superman in a haystack! The risk is in the end of only having answers that are far enough from the initial research. Without visibility of the hierarchy of required skills, candidates will simply position themselves on the simple fact that they correspond with at least one criterion.

Who says a lot of answers, says …

When faced with massive responses, the recruiter will tend to analyze each application more and more quickly, simply out of weariness to find that none of them really matches Superman’s. Time to read CVs, time to classify CVs, time to respond to unsuccessful candidates for the most scrupulous of recruiters. All this to, in the end, announce the process as unsuccessful. No actual recruit, but the time lost is very much present.

Why not focus on the essentials?

What a waste after all, isn’t it? However, it seems obvious that not all the skills mentioned in the announcement are expected at the same level. It would therefore be, in this case, much more appropriate to prioritize and limit your research than to the strict minimum. This in order to have in response CVs that better match their skills or attitudes. It is then responsible for being able to provide support to the recruit over time, allowing them to acquire the missing knowledge and skills. Which, moreover, can be a source of motivation for the employee since there is a possible progression identified.

Hard and soft skills jobSkills.center

On jobSkills.center the Enquête (Announcement) can be shaped to search for Superman if that is the recruiter’s wish. However, once the development of the Survey is finalized, the launch of a Matching will trigger a search for candidates. The simple overview of the number of matched profiles, and the sorting of the Candidate’s Empreinte (CVs) according to their relevance makes it possible to adjust the selection criteria, relaunch a new Matching to expand recruitment capacities. This exercise requires, of course, to identify the essential and mandatory hard and soft skills. Then to put the simply recommended skills in the background. Then, at the time of publication of the Enquête, each candidate matched with the Enquête will be able to position themselves on the follow-up they intend to give to this offer. The recruiter has a sorted and weighted list of “interested” Empreinte. He must define his short list of candidates and organize the interviews.

Recruitment differently and for free

The jobSkills.center platform, in its version specializing in the recruitment of IT profiles, the ITSkills showroom, provides free access to all of these functions. Then ? Looking for IT specialists? Register now at https://www.jobskills.center/it-jobskills-center/.

PS: the Matching engine developed from Machine Learning technologies is evolving and in 2022 will allow the recruitment of multi-sector profiles.